Maintaining a Legacy of Classic Local BBQ

Maintaining a Legacy of Classic Local BBQ

Bringing the same ole flavor to a new generation in Raleigh, NC

Though Don Murray's BBQ 2 Go has operated as a BBQ food truck for over 10 years, we didn't start out that way. Originally a restaurant under the name Don Murray's BBQ, we served Southern comfort food for over 40 years. Then, when our restaurant closed, we decided to hit the road in and around Raleigh, NC.

For over 10 years now, we've parked our food truck in different areas daily to bring high-quality food to hungry customers. Our former restaurant cook still makes and serves the same great food that satisfied patrons from our old location.

Check our Calendar page to find out where we're parking our local food truck next.

Dedicated to ongoing satisfactory service

Our methods of serving food may have changed, but our core principles remain the same. Don Murray's BBQ 2 Go is still...

Locally owned and operated
Proud to cook BBQ from our tried and true recipes
Keeping traditional Southern BBQ alive

With a local food truck, we're able to bring our food to a wide range of people. We even offer BBQ food truck catering services. Call 919-802-2894 now to learn more about our catering.